Blackberry Vs iPhone … Its Beef

31 03 2009

I got a upgrade soon.. Decisions Decisions CODE


Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw (Review)

31 03 2009


ZED: Lady Sovereign is due to release her new album Jigsaw on 13/04/2009. I was really feeling her debut album, but Jigsaw seem to be a complete differnt feel all together. The majority of the album has been produced by Dr Luke(Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Katy Perry, Lil Mama) and Benny Blanco (Britney Spears) so it follows a very electro pop sound (which we are fans of). My favourite song on the album is Bang Bang, Pennies & Food Play itsa tongue and cheek play on Sov ”Bein’ Sexy” (But we dig it).

CODE: So everybody and their cousin is jumping on this electro tip, but I have to give it Lady Sovereign, it suits her. Tracks such as “Lets Be Mates” & “Student Union” really suit her tone and our pretty cool. Down tempo’s such as title track “Jigsaw” took a few more listens for me, am still not 100% sure but its got grower potential!!

To sum the album up on a plus we would say, Pop Electro, Fun and a good direction. and on a minus We would liked to of seen more songs, raw underground beats and remix’s and Features!! But we know SOV wont let us down when it comes to a Remix… Just hold tight!!

Thumbs up… To pre order the album… CLICK HERE

Busy Busy Busy

29 03 2009

Us at TheCakeOnline have been Busy Bee’s recently… We did a shoot with Melrose from Americas Next Top Model… And she worked it out… Its a fashion editorial for Anglomania Magazine

So heres a lil snap shot we took on the day…. and just wait till you see the editorial… HAWT!!!! 


Notice in the picture above Melrose is wearing leather zip crotch legging by Alexandra Wang… Below Ciara was spotted wearing exactly the same pair… 

ciara 240309

Beyonce I AM…Tour

29 03 2009

35c8fb82Thierry Mugler has designed Bwyonce’s costumes for the “Beyonce I AM…Tour”.

Square Afro?? 

Suck on Chanel

29 03 2009


Designer Lollipops??? I WANT ME SOME!!! 

From what i can find out they were given them out at select fashion shows around the world… The brands include Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent.

How have i only just found these and dont own 1?? 





Rolling Stones

29 03 2009

Gossip Girls just wanna have fun with Terry Richardson with the new issue of Rolling Stones… 


Beyonce Crystal Gyser Water Commercial

27 03 2009


Vodpod videos no longer available.