Dressed To Kill

26 07 2009


Barneys Department stores Visual Team took Concept to a next level and smashed it with an outlandish display this season. Featuring designers Helmut Lang and A.L.C, the concept was ”Dressed To kill”… The Mannequins were strategicaly placed to look as if they were dodging gun fire (unsuccessfully).

They were taken down immediately after numerous complaints from the news and clients. Barneys’ creative director, Simon Doonan, said, “We encourage our display people to be creative.  We give them a lot of latitude, but this clearly crossed the line.  It’s as if someone saw a bad Hitchcock movie.”


ZED: Personally i love these windows… The Visual Team are doing their job on some next level… Its not the their fault the ”joe public” don’t understand it.




5 responses

26 07 2009
Soledout-online Founder

WOW….! That is more than a public display, that is a piece of art!

26 07 2009

fashion is a very complex subject and some poeple just doesnt understand! its art to us but not to others. its unfortunate that it was pulled…..it was amazing

26 07 2009


I love it, they’re amazing!

26 07 2009

I dont really know what to say. As a concept, the VM team smashed it but the execution could have been done in a way that was less obvious making it, in my opinion, a lot cleverer. I can understand why most would find it distastful but i also admire the desire to push the concepts behind VM displays.

27 07 2009

Fashion is about pushing boundaries – that’s exactly what the VM team did. I think it’s brilliant, personally.

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