iPhone Pro Concept

4 01 2009


I ain’t got an iphone nor do i want one… not a fan of touch screen devices anymore, LG are to blame, but this concept created by Matt Brady would definitely be up my street, with a full Qwerty keyboard and a decent looking camera… would be enough for you guys to put down the Crackberrys ?




23 11 2008


So i been working like a dog all week and finished my week off preparing for the LG and Prada phone launch party… here are the details: LG hooked up with Prada again and made this dope phone with slideout keyboard and 5 megapixel camera. The whole front is a touch screen, much like the iPhone. But here’s the cool part… the thing comes with this chic watch that allows you to read text messages and see who’s calling you just by looking at your watch. DOPE.  The whole set rumoured to cost only £600, which is pretty good for prada.

G1 Smartphone

28 10 2008

The G1 from Google is a collaboration with HTC and could / maybe / probably wont ..but still / be the next “iphone Killer”

with a touchscreen, camera, full QWERTY keyboard ect definitely a ticks the boxes hardware wise, yet I feel lacking in Visual department. However there are 3 colour ways available black , white and brown.

The G1 smart-phone’s software however does standout of the crowd, Running on the Android Operating System. Android is open source meaning anyone with the technical skill can produce programs and applications for the G1 and massive free rival for the Apple Application store.

The G1 launches in the UK soon and is exclusive to T-mobile

Code: So i still wanna blackberry …. but wonder if it comes on pay as you go ?

Zed: HAHA Pay and go.. does that still exist? But hmmm… don’t look like anything special to me.. I’m happy with my Broke BlackBerry!