Up Middle Finger To New Years!!!

30 12 2008


Seriously, why are NYE’s so difficult!? You would think that as its the one night of the year when everybody (Friends, Family, Links, Cat and the Dog) wants to party, had a whole year to plan!, have free transport thanks to our mayor and NO work the next day that it, would be easy together everyone and bring in the new year with a drink in  one hand and good tunes in your ears.

But No , its the longest night to organise and I wanna know Why people… WHY!?

Anyway am going to allow my rant and wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Make 2009 an Epic one!!!

Holla at me with some ideas of what to do, only 24 hours and bit left people! CODE


Waltz With Bashir

23 11 2008


“Waltz With Bashir” is an animated film directed by Ari Folman, Folman was a 19 year Israeli soldier in 1982 and witnessed the  massacres in Sabra and Shatila. The film follows Folman as he re investigates his time at these events, a task he under took as a form of self therapy as he realised later in life that he had blocked out many of the memories and experiences from this time.

What unique about the feature is that it was film begun as a straight documentary but then brought to life by animators and art directors, Yonni Goodman and David Polonsky. Transforming the feature by adding surrealism and comic style imagery to sensitive nature of the subject matter.

The film was nominated for the “Palme d’Or” the top prize at Cannes film festival earlier this year.

Check out the trailer below

UPDATE: Went to see this yesterday and I have to say I am sold with using animation for documentaries, its allows to picture people memories, and personal experiences  with out the use of still images and poor reconstructions, also animation added some great graphics to a some somber images making it more accessible to the View. Yes am a fan, the only thing I done like is that the film is on limited release meaning I couldnt go to the Vue and use my out of date student card for discount…