24 11 2008


Bashy drops His Latest mixtape in the form of “” and with he his definitely going from strength to strength having a strong 2008 with singles “Black Boys” & “Kidulthood to Adulthood” plus dropping the “ChupaChups” mixtape.

Favourite cuts off the album are “Drive” ,”See People” and “Blacks and Gold” but I have always been a fan of any MC’s more conscious tracks. Uptempo tracks are also executed well like the Jungle inspired “Feelings” and opener “Bashy”¬† plus the concept and joke interludes¬† add value to the set.

All in all .. its Big!

“Superheores” is also a standout to me if not only for the X-men references (yeah am a geek) but also for the use effective use of the “Stryderman” beat .. DOPE! check the clip below