Gone Fishing Mixtape | The Cool Kids

9 05 2009

CRAZY LATE on posting this as I have been listening to this majority of the week, anyway The Cool Kids have teamed up with Don Cannon to release their latest mix tape “Gone Fishing” via their website www.coolxkids.com (click for freeload!)


The 21 track mix-tape does start to seem repetitive after a while which I think also felt was a factor of their 2008 Album “The Bake Sale”


However Mikey and Chuck still the delivery on the word play, kickdrums and hard 808 beats, all with a vintage over tone which has mad they duo stand out from thus far. Stand out tracks for me are “Broadcasting live” “Cinnamon” “The Light Company” & “Summer Vacation” have a download and let me know which tracks feeling CODE!



Bangladesh | Passport Music Mixtape

18 01 2009

Bangladesh the man behind Lil Wanyes smash “A Mili” and Beyonce’s “Diva” and Kelis’s “Bossy” to name a few (I heard she’s knocked up ?) has dropped a new mix-tape “Passport Music” hosted Be Don Cannon, One for you Hip Hop heads to check out lemme know what you think.


Click Image for download, Courtsey of OnSmash.Com