Lady Sovereign – Jigsaw (Review)

31 03 2009


ZED: Lady Sovereign is due to release her new album Jigsaw on 13/04/2009. I was really feeling her debut album, but Jigsaw seem to be a complete differnt feel all together. The majority of the album has been produced by Dr Luke(Kelly Clarkson, P!nk, Katy Perry, Lil Mama) and Benny Blanco (Britney Spears) so it follows a very electro pop sound (which we are fans of). My favourite song on the album is Bang Bang, Pennies & Food Play itsa tongue and cheek play on Sov ”Bein’ Sexy” (But we dig it).

CODE: So everybody and their cousin is jumping on this electro tip, but I have to give it Lady Sovereign, it suits her. Tracks such as “Lets Be Mates” & “Student Union” really suit her tone and our pretty cool. Down tempo’s such as title track “Jigsaw” took a few more listens for me, am still not 100% sure but its got grower potential!!

To sum the album up on a plus we would say, Pop Electro, Fun and a good direction. and on a minus We would liked to of seen more songs, raw underground beats and remix’s and Features!! But we know SOV wont let us down when it comes to a Remix… Just hold tight!!

Thumbs up… To pre order the album… CLICK HERE