Lil Wayne | Prom Queen

4 03 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mr Weezy dusted off his chicks hair rollers for the first track  of his forthcoming album “Rebirth” not overly keen on the video it reminds me of one Puff Daddy remix video where Lil Kim rips of her prom dress to the horror of the school…

But I think the song is pretty strong and I like the direction plus a rate him for “kinda” experimenting with his sound when he’s at such a peak of his career, but him and Kanye have taken this shower singing ish too far! CODE

Lil Wayne | Prom Queen & Hot Revolver

1 02 2009


Lil Wanye has decided he like his AutoTune and new guitar and has decided to run with it these new cuts “Prom Queen” and “Hot Revolver”.

Both remind me of a  mish mash blending of NERD general sound and Kanye’s “808’s..” album, but am feeling the direction which should be present on his next upcoming CD which may be called “Rebirth”

Check the links, lemme know what you think

Prom Queen

Hot Revolver

Bangladesh | Passport Music Mixtape

18 01 2009

Bangladesh the man behind Lil Wanyes smash “A Mili” and Beyonce’s “Diva” and Kelis’s “Bossy” to name a few (I heard she’s knocked up ?) has dropped a new mix-tape “Passport Music” hosted Be Don Cannon, One for you Hip Hop heads to check out lemme know what you think.


Click Image for download, Courtsey of OnSmash.Com

Lil Wanye X Terry Richardson

15 01 2009



One of my Favourite Rappers and One of my Photographers … DOPE! For GQ


808’s & Heartbreaks Review

25 11 2008


I Wasn’t going to do a review on the album because I have been a kanyed out.. the man is everywhere!! but I gave the album a good listen over the last couple days and thought why not.

“808’s…” as it a title is the best summary of the album as the tracks consist of strong bass lines and Kanye’s emotions and this time round, the guy ain’t happy. Losing his mother earlier in the year and breaking up with his Fiance, I don’t know why I expected his fourth offering to be the big party I found in 2007s “Graduation” gone are the good vibes of “Good Life” and “Champion” replaced by the spaced out ballad-esq tracks, “Street Lights” and “Welcome to heartbreak” and “Coldest winter”.

Kanye sings his non singing heart out during the album and even though am not sold on it (cant take the ad-libs) he ticks the boxes and pull its of well, this is definitely a concept album and the concept is depressing, however the editions of up tempo’s like “Paranoid” and “Robocop” keep the pace moving and lighten the tone.

The style is there and so are great features from Kid CuDi , Lil Wanye and Jeezy this time round he’s just got a lot more personal but am still a fan, the production is on point and as an album you can tell its made together and with a point ..rather than a few bangers and few fillers.

Check out a out “Heartless” Live at the AMA’s 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Code: Am feeling the album! but dont listen to this is album if your down and alone… might jump out the window.. with lines like “Goodbye my friend.. will I ever love again” JHEZZE!