9 02 2009

T.I featuring Kanye West, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne & M.I.A

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Great performance of the track, and you have to give mad props to  pregnant M.I.A who hit the stage on her due date (Dedication!)

also check out Estelle’s performance of “American Boy” with the “Mulleted” Kanye

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Swagger Discussion
Code: Of course  the track is still hard after all this time, but could we all do ourselves a welcome favor and leave the word swagger back in 2008 where it belongs!!!??? I agree it is a good description for certain things but its getting thrown around like a joke, and when an 9 year old starts telling me bout swagger you know something in the universe has gone mad wrong.

Someone either has it or they don’t and it ain’t all about clothes! You tell me.. But I think Not, kinds pissed cause i used to like the word lol

Rant Over. Comments Welcome!


Another Tune Another Dance…Here We Go Again! LOL

17 01 2009

Someone showed me this yesterday, and I had to laugh! But not as much as that “Heads, Shoulder, Knees” BS that ish JARS me differently!!!

Amma leave this to you lot … Sink Or Swim?

Up Middle Finger To New Years!!!

30 12 2008


Seriously, why are NYE’s so difficult!? You would think that as its the one night of the year when everybody (Friends, Family, Links, Cat and the Dog) wants to party, had a whole year to plan!, have free transport thanks to our mayor and NO work the next day that it, would be easy together everyone and bring in the new year with a drink in  one hand and good tunes in your ears.

But No , its the longest night to organise and I wanna know Why people… WHY!?

Anyway am going to allow my rant and wish everyone a Happy New Year!!!

Make 2009 an Epic one!!!

Holla at me with some ideas of what to do, only 24 hours and bit left people! CODE